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Saturday, October 29, 2005


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Nagasaki where is my hometown has Chinatown. There are many Chinese shops and restaurants, but I have never been to any Chinese restaurants. I like to walk Chinatown.

Chinatown has the shop of the fireworks. That is the specialty store of fireworks. It is opened only summer time. I have never been there, so I don't know well. However, I 'd like to go to the shop someday.

I visited a souvenir shop where I bought Fortune Cookies and the key ring of the panda. That Cookies tell us our fortune. In the cockie, there is a small paper. It says the fortune. It's intersting, but we have to be careful not to eat that paper!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Cocktail Party

When I have been in Nagasaki, I participated in the cocktail party. The ticket was around 6,000 yen. Mt father invited me to that party.

I have never joined the cocktail party, so I was a little bit nourvous. When I entered the hall, the waiter gave me a glass of the drink. I thought that was just the juice, but that was the whisky. I have never drunken the whisky. That was good welcome drink.

There were many people and alcohols. We can choose any kinds of alchols. I like to drink but I can't drink too much. I ordered XYZ because my father told me XYZ was good. After I drunk it, I found it was very strong. I couldn't drink all of it. There were some dishes, I wanted to eat something, since there were too many people around the dishes, I was not able to eat all the dishes.

After the cocktail party, we went to the bar. My father's friend runs that bar. We drunk again and sang the songs. My father and I went back to my house by taxi. After I arrived at my house, I threw up. I have never thrown up by drinking, so I was surprised. However, the cocktail party was good experience for me.


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Nagasaki and Kumamoto have trains but there are some differences. First, the local people in Nagasaki often use the trains. Nagasaki is so hilly, most people don't ride the bikes. Somebody don't know how to ride bikes because there is no custom to take a ride on a bicycle in Nagasaki.

In Nagasaki, when we take the train, we can get in it from both the front door and back door because there are no order ticket. It takes just one hundred yen, wherever you go. It's so resonable!! While, in Kumamoto I have to take the order ticket and we can't get in the train from the front door. First, I didn't know there is a order ticket and I have to take it. So, I took the trian without having the order ticket. I was comfused.

Look at this picture. This reain costs 200 million yen. It is very new and Barrier-free type. I think this design is cool. Compare to the train in Kumamoto, Nagasaki's one is new and clean. This day, I took the train a few times. I wanted to take the train on the picture, but I was not able to do it. Next time....

Nagasaki is my hometown

I'm from Nagasaki. After graduating high school, I have come to Kumamoto.

I have lived in Nagadaki for 18 years. These days, I seldom go back to my hometown. The last time I came back Nagasaki was Junuary.

I came back to Nagasaki by highway bus. It took about three hours. I don't like bus because I have nothing to do in the bus, so I can't stand the three hours in the bus. While I was in the bus, I was listening to the music by MP3. I like to listen to music, so I can't live without music. I always have MP3, wherever I go. It is very useful to have portable MP3.

After three hours, I arrived at Nagasaki station. I like this station because that has big department. It is called Amu Plaza. Amu has the hotel, restaurant, book store and many cloth shops. Whenever I come back to Nagasaki, I go to Amu.

The source of the water

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The same day I visited the chiken restaurant, I also visited Shirakawa Suigen which is the source of the water.

Look at this picture. Since the water is very transparent, we can see the bottom of the Shirakawa. I washed my hands by this water. It is very cold and clean. I thought if I use this water to make hot coffee, the coffee will be very good. We can buy this water if we buy pet bottles. These are sold at the stall close to Shirakawa.

We have to pay one hundred yen to enter this place each person. I feel this place was really comfortable and I like it.

This place is also famous. I have visited here for the first time. It was good. I recommend you to visit Shirakawa Suigen.

The famous chiken in Aso

On October 12th, I have been to Aso to eat the chiken. This is the picture of the chiken I ate. This is very famous chiken and the restaurant. Many people often visit this place from another prefectures.
I ordered the lunch which cost 1,600 yen each person. It is a little bit expensive compare to general lunch, but it is worth paying money.
The lunch has the chiken, rice, egg and miso soup. First, chiken came to our table. I like the way eating this chiken. That's because the way eating is unique. It is like BBQ. First, you have to catch some chikens by tong and put them on the net. Under the net, there are charcoals whichi is burning red. Then the chiken burned well, you use the scissors to cut the chiken small size. I like this operation.

I have visited this restaurant twice. I love this chiken. The taste is really good and the chiken is so elastic! After I ate lunch, I was very full. I want to come here again someday.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

For the first time

I made a blog for the first time in my life. I have never thought I made the blog. However, I often see some friends ' blogs. Their blogs are interesting. I like to see the blogs, but it is difficult to make the blog of mine. I'll try to make my blog interesting.