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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nagasaki is my hometown

I'm from Nagasaki. After graduating high school, I have come to Kumamoto.

I have lived in Nagadaki for 18 years. These days, I seldom go back to my hometown. The last time I came back Nagasaki was Junuary.

I came back to Nagasaki by highway bus. It took about three hours. I don't like bus because I have nothing to do in the bus, so I can't stand the three hours in the bus. While I was in the bus, I was listening to the music by MP3. I like to listen to music, so I can't live without music. I always have MP3, wherever I go. It is very useful to have portable MP3.

After three hours, I arrived at Nagasaki station. I like this station because that has big department. It is called Amu Plaza. Amu has the hotel, restaurant, book store and many cloth shops. Whenever I come back to Nagasaki, I go to Amu.


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