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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The famous chiken in Aso

On October 12th, I have been to Aso to eat the chiken. This is the picture of the chiken I ate. This is very famous chiken and the restaurant. Many people often visit this place from another prefectures.
I ordered the lunch which cost 1,600 yen each person. It is a little bit expensive compare to general lunch, but it is worth paying money.
The lunch has the chiken, rice, egg and miso soup. First, chiken came to our table. I like the way eating this chiken. That's because the way eating is unique. It is like BBQ. First, you have to catch some chikens by tong and put them on the net. Under the net, there are charcoals whichi is burning red. Then the chiken burned well, you use the scissors to cut the chiken small size. I like this operation.

I have visited this restaurant twice. I love this chiken. The taste is really good and the chiken is so elastic! After I ate lunch, I was very full. I want to come here again someday.


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