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Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Nagasaki and Kumamoto have trains but there are some differences. First, the local people in Nagasaki often use the trains. Nagasaki is so hilly, most people don't ride the bikes. Somebody don't know how to ride bikes because there is no custom to take a ride on a bicycle in Nagasaki.

In Nagasaki, when we take the train, we can get in it from both the front door and back door because there are no order ticket. It takes just one hundred yen, wherever you go. It's so resonable!! While, in Kumamoto I have to take the order ticket and we can't get in the train from the front door. First, I didn't know there is a order ticket and I have to take it. So, I took the trian without having the order ticket. I was comfused.

Look at this picture. This reain costs 200 million yen. It is very new and Barrier-free type. I think this design is cool. Compare to the train in Kumamoto, Nagasaki's one is new and clean. This day, I took the train a few times. I wanted to take the train on the picture, but I was not able to do it. Next time....


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