Thanks In Advance

Friday, December 22, 2006

Never Forget

Today, we had the drinking party of the celebration that finished writing graduation thesis.
Seven students were able to write and hand in their papers.
We had really good time☆
Thanks to my teacher, I was able to write my paper. I will never forget today!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


In October I went back to my hometown to take a test of driver's license.

Because of the festival holidays of my university, I spent in Nagasaki about for ten days.

One day, I have been to Croquette restaurant in downtown. I have been there just once when I was a high school student with my a friend of mine.

Those croquettes are very well. Two or Three days later, I have been there again with my mother because she wanted to eat the croquette.
I think we had good time.

My Hometown

Hi, long long long time no see.
These days, I have been very busy writing my paper.

Finally, today I finished writing!!
First, it seems to be so difficult for me to read the book to write my paper. It took long time to read. However, I like to wrire, I have written my paper for just one month!!
Now, I felt relieved.

By the way, those pictures are my hometown, Nagasaki.
The end of this year, I am plannning to go bact to my hometown. Next year, on March I will graduate from the university. So, this year is the last year to spend New Years Day as a student.
Moreover, I want to see some friends of mine in Nagasaki☆

There are many places to see in my hometown.  Someday, please come to Nagasaki! I will guide you to my hometown!!