Thanks In Advance

Friday, December 30, 2005


Suddenly, I want to eat the noodle(Udon) and I went to Daiei to eat the noodle at the Udon restaurant.

I like Udon so much!!! That was good. I ate out alone, but I like to do that☆

Udon made me so full. It was my dinner.


My boyfriend and I dated for a long time.

First, we went to eat Soba. He always recommends the Soba restaurant. So, it was good!!

Next, we went to the Diamond City Clair to watch the movie. We watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was really interesting!!!!!! I like it. Actually, I don't like the action movie, but this movie was differnt from another action one.

Third, we went to the Yakiniku restaurant, Kuma-ichi.
I have never been to that restaurant, but the meat tastes really gooooooood☆ The Yakiniku revolution occurred!!!

At that Yakiniku restaurant, I found the classmate was working. I have never spoken to him,but I just knows his face, and he knows my face, too. When he noticed me, we just bowed slightly....

We had really good time today♪ We are going to spend the New Year's Eve together. Sadly, he has the job on the New Year's day(;_;) BUT, I'm so looking forward the day(^^)☆

Monday, December 26, 2005

The Return Gifts♪

Since a friend of mine gave the Christmas Present to me last year, this year I gave the Christmas Presents for her .

Then she gave the presents in return. I was so happy★ Now, I use the hair detainment: it's so cute♪

Thanks for the return gifts☆

I could get the Dragon Balls★

After the birthday Party, three of us went to the game center.

We challenged to get the stuffed animals by the U.F.O. catcher, but nobody could get those.

Then I found the game which the premiums are the Dragon Balls!!!

I tried to get those sevaral times and I could get many Dragon Balls: I love the cartoon of Dragon Ball Z.

So, I was so happy. I gave some of them to two friends. We enjoyed playing at the game center.

Birthday Party☆

Today, we had the birthday party for a friend of mine. We were planning the surprise party for her!!

The clerks in the restaurant sang for the birthday girl and took a picture of us♪

There was the firework on the cake. It was amazing☆ I think the surprise party succeeded!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Dinner☆

We were planning to eat out at a reatautnt, but my boyfriend caught a cold and seemed to be sick. So we changed that plan, then we ordered the pizza and pasta. We enjoyed eating the Christmas dinner at my house.

He brought the Champagne and I bought the cake. I thought the cake is too small, but we couldn't eat all of it.

The Champagne was easy to have drunk, it was good. I thought the cake was too sweet. but it is not bad☆

Happy Merry Chiristmas♪

Today is the Christmas Eve☆ I was looking forward the Christams.
I bought the Christmas presents for my boyfriend; those are the lighter, ashtray and tie.

I didn't expect that he gave the Christmas presents for me.

So, I was so surprised that he gave several presents!!

I was so happy♪♪
This year's Christmas Eve was really good(^^)v

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It snowed today. Moreover, it is so cold. I can't stand such a cold day(;_;) Especially, it is so cold in Kumamoto. It is said that today is the coldest day of these ten years!!!

However, I like to see the snow. I want to make snow man, but it is too cold to touch the snow.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Starbucks in Hikari-no-mori

After we went to MK restaurant (Nabe restaurant), we have been to Starbucks next to that restaurant.

There are some illuminations around the Starbucks. It was lovely☆☆

At Starbucks, I drunk coffee and ate Caramel waffle. That waffle was so sweet. It was too sweet to eat all of it(>_<)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pot dish!!

Today, we have been to MK restaurant to eat dinner at Hikari-no-mori. That is the Nabe( Pot dish) restaurant.

We ordered MK- Nabe. It is 580 yen per person. The pot dish includes many vegetables. It's so healthy.

We enjoyed eating the Pot dish. After we ate Nabe, we were just full.
It was soooooooo cold today, but Nabe made us warm and happy.

Next time, I want to go to that restaurant with some friends. I think if I go there with several people, we will really eanjoy making, eating Nabe and chatting.

Next to MK restaurant, there is a Starbucks. So we went there to drink coffee(^^)☆

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

★Birthday Girl★

Today, we hold the bithday party for a friend of mine to surprise her!!

This is the birthday cake for the birthday girl. It was so good\(^^)/ Nice cake, nice choice☆★☆

She looked to be surprised and happy♪

Happy Birthday!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mos Burger♪

After we saw Illumination, we went to Mos Burger to eat dinner in front of Saishunkan Seiyakusho.

I ordered chiken burger with french fries and coffee. Since I was so starving, the chiken burger was so good!!

It was so enjoyable today!! We talked about New Year's Eve, what porgram will we watch on TV . I don't want to watch K-1 or pride(;_;) I want to watch Kouhaku(on NHK).

★Wonderful Illumination★

Today, I asked my boyriend to take me to see the illumination at Saishunkan Seiyakusho(medicine manufacture place).

Though it was sooooooo cold, that was wonderful illumination!!! I like it☆

We became happy to see such a great and wonderful illumination. We enjoyed driving♪

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Since I caught a cold, I wanted to eat some oranges. So, I just said to my boyfriend, "I want to eat orenges."

Next day, he bought those oranges and gave me. I was so happy!! For the first time in this year, I ate some oranges.

Those oranges were so good★

Birthday Present★

Today, I bought the present for a friend of mine. She will be 21 years old soon.

We are planning to have the birthday party for her. I want her to be surprised!!!

I hesitated what for her to buy, but I chose this present.→

New Gloves

I lost my white glove on Friday. After the class, I found my glove has gone. I searced for it, but I was not able to find it.

So, today, I went shopping to buy the new gloves. This time, I wanted to buy the black gloves, but it had been sold out. So, I chose the pink one. I think it's not bad....

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Love Love

I bought the perfume by the net auction. For the first time in my life, I participated in the net auction by using the cell phone. It is so easy!! Also, the commodity reached soon.

Actually this perfume is 900 yen or so, but I bought it for just 150 yen. How lucky★

"I Love Love" is made in Italy and smells like citrus fruits.

The PR release "Cheap and Chic" made me want to but it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Tree★

It gets colder and colder these days.

Since I caught a cold, I went to the hospital which is very close to my house. I seldom catch a cold, but I have fever and I'm not so good since last Sunday.

There is the Christmas tree in front of that hospital.

It was more beautiful than this picture!!!

Christmas is comig soon♪

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Autumn tint★

I like Autumn tint. I took this picture at my university today.

The Gingo's fallen leaves made the yellow carpet (^^)★

The leaves had fallen because of the wind.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Beautiful illumination

I found the blue illuminations which are so beautiful in front of Tsuruya!!

Those illuminations makes me Christmas feeling★☆★

Will Santa come???