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Friday, December 30, 2005


My boyfriend and I dated for a long time.

First, we went to eat Soba. He always recommends the Soba restaurant. So, it was good!!

Next, we went to the Diamond City Clair to watch the movie. We watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was really interesting!!!!!! I like it. Actually, I don't like the action movie, but this movie was differnt from another action one.

Third, we went to the Yakiniku restaurant, Kuma-ichi.
I have never been to that restaurant, but the meat tastes really gooooooood☆ The Yakiniku revolution occurred!!!

At that Yakiniku restaurant, I found the classmate was working. I have never spoken to him,but I just knows his face, and he knows my face, too. When he noticed me, we just bowed slightly....

We had really good time today♪ We are going to spend the New Year's Eve together. Sadly, he has the job on the New Year's day(;_;) BUT, I'm so looking forward the day(^^)☆


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