Thanks In Advance

Monday, January 30, 2006

The busiest day!!!

It was sooooooo busy today. I had many things to do.

I woke up around 8 a.m. in the morning. First, I went to the hospital. Usually, there are so many people who are waiting for the medical examinations and I have to wait my turn for two or three hours. It is said that the hospital is very popular in Kumamoto. However, there were just a few people today. It was lucky☆

After I went to the hospital, I wanted to go to the McDonald to eat breakfast. I like morning set, so I had to go there by 10:30 to order the special menu only morning.
I managed to arrived at in the McDonald in downtown.

Second, I went to the Starbucks to drink coffee and eat scone. For the first time, I ordered scone with whipped cream. It was not bad, but I like to eat only scone(^^;)

Third, I have to go to the driving school to get the February schedule. Though I went there, I was not able to get it because the peoson who works there said it hasn't made yet. It was so disgusting. I haven't been the driving school for six months because I hate there. What should I do??? I must go there on February and March. It is so stressfull for me.

Forth, I promised to see a friend of mine at my University at 2 p.m. So, I had to rush to go back to my house and go to school. However, on the way to school from my house, I run into my junior. Then we talked to each other and I arrived at school ten minutes later the promised time(><).

A friend of mine I promised to see is my classmate. We talked to several things.

After that, I run into my senior at school and chatted. Moreover, I saw a friend of mine by chance and spoke to her.

Today was the busiest day for me(><)

Farewell Party

Today, I participated in the farewell party at the international student's dormitory.

I have been there for a long time. I saw a lot of people and made friends with several Japanese students.

Look at the picture and Find me★

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Today's coffee♪

After I ate lunch at Doutor, I have been to Starbucks.

The place was so comfortable for me. I have been there for three or four hours alone.

I ordered today's coffee. These days, I love the strong coffee, of course the black coffee☆

Doutor Coffee☆

Today, I have been to the Doutor Coffee for a long time. Whenever I visit Doutor, there are so many people. It was the same today. However, I do want to eat Milan Sandwich A, so I decided to eat out Doutor in downtown.

The sandwich was sooooo great!! However, I sat down the smoking erea because I was not able to sit down the no smoking seat, the place was uncomfortable for me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Starbucks again★

I went to the Starbucks after the job forum. I like Starbucks very very much(^^)★ I always go there to drink coffee.

Today, I ordered today's coffee because I like black coffee. It was good♪

Though I have been there, I want to visit again!!!

Lovely Dog☆

Today, a friend of mine and I went to the photograph shop to take some pictures for the job(Shoumei-shashin).

At the shop, there was s dog. The dog was so lovely☆ The dog doesn't bark at all. It was cute. I like dogs BUT I can't touch them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Souvenirs from Miyazaki

Today, before the class, a friend of mine gave me to the souveniors from her hometown.

She is from Miyazaki. I have never been to Miyazaki, but those were so good and I wanted to go there(^^)

Thank you for the souveniors☆

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The God of Love★

At the Aso shrine, there is a special pine. Aso shrine is for love!!!

If women turn around that pine to the right twice, and if men turn around that pine to the left twice, the love will succeed.

We tried to do that (^^)☆ I was so happy because we did it togeter!! We had really good time today♪

Aso Shrine♪

After we ate the Musahi Udon, we have been to Aso shrine. Today's purpose was to go there.

We consulted an oracle and prayed our each wishes.

There were many people. It was so cold in Aso. It sowed a little bit(>_<)

Musashi Noodle

Today, my boyfriend and I have been to Musashi-Jhaya to eat Musashi Udon on the way to Aso-shrine.

I like to eat noodle but I have never eaten such a noodle. That is, the width of the noodle is fat. Moreover, the soup is so thick. Look at the below picture, the soup's color is brown. In the Udon, there is a Mochi (rice cake). It was so good, so after I ate all of it, I was so full.

Look at the first picture. I took this picture because I like this signboard. It says, "This Udon is the most delicious in Kyushu, maybe." It's so funny.

I want to visit there again, maybe

Our Dinner♪

My boyfriend and I ate out at the restaurant, Man which is Pork cutlet's restaurant near my house.

I have been to this restaurant with a friend of mine once. I like there because the waitress and the clerk are so kind to us.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shimabara Station

I visited Shimabara Station. In front of this station, there is a bronze statue. It stands for Baby-sitter song of Shimabara.

I didn't know that Shigeru Izumiya is a sightseeing ambassador of Shimabara.

Shimabara is famous for Shimabara Castle. Also, Bukeyashiki is very famous!!

I'm lovin' it!

In Shimabara, my mother and I went to the McDonald to drink coffee because I have the free coffee tickets.

Moreover, I ordered the french fries which I'm lovin' it.


My grandparents live in Shimabara. In front of their house, we can see the sea.

My grandfather is a fisherman and has his own ship.

At New Year's Day, there were many relatives at their house. I saw my parents for a long time.

Sea gulls

On the way to Shimabara, there were many sea gulls around the ship because they knows some passengers on the ship give them the foods.

Especially, the day I took the ship, one family brought the foods(breds) for the sea gulls. So, there were a lot of sea gulls around the family.

Also, we can buy the foods for them at the stall on the ship. I don't want to give the foods to them because it is so cold out of the ship. However, I used to do that. It is so interseting!!!

Look at the second picture. A sea gull stands on the handrail. It is so cute. We seldom see the wild bird so close. I like this picture so much♪♪♪

I enjoyed taking the ship watching the sea gulls.


I went to my grandparents' house in Shimabara by the ship to spend New Year's Day with my family.

First, I took the Kyushou Ferry(the first picture) to go to my grandparents' house. It takes about one hour from Kumamoto to Shimabara.

Second, I took the Ocean Arrow(the second picture) to go back to Kumamoto. It takes about 30 minutes. However, it is a little bit expensive. I like it because it doesn't cost much time and it's more gorgeous than the Kyushou Ferry.

Both Kyushou Ferry and Ocean Arrow's fare went up these days!!! So, I was so surprised.

I w0uld take the Kyushou Ferry because the fare is not expensive but now Kyushou Ferry and Ocean Arrow's fare are almost the same. So, I chose to take Ocean Arrow to go back to Kumamoto.