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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Hometown

Hi, long long long time no see.
These days, I have been very busy writing my paper.

Finally, today I finished writing!!
First, it seems to be so difficult for me to read the book to write my paper. It took long time to read. However, I like to wrire, I have written my paper for just one month!!
Now, I felt relieved.

By the way, those pictures are my hometown, Nagasaki.
The end of this year, I am plannning to go bact to my hometown. Next year, on March I will graduate from the university. So, this year is the last year to spend New Years Day as a student.
Moreover, I want to see some friends of mine in Nagasaki☆

There are many places to see in my hometown.  Someday, please come to Nagasaki! I will guide you to my hometown!!


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