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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Cocktail Party

When I have been in Nagasaki, I participated in the cocktail party. The ticket was around 6,000 yen. Mt father invited me to that party.

I have never joined the cocktail party, so I was a little bit nourvous. When I entered the hall, the waiter gave me a glass of the drink. I thought that was just the juice, but that was the whisky. I have never drunken the whisky. That was good welcome drink.

There were many people and alcohols. We can choose any kinds of alchols. I like to drink but I can't drink too much. I ordered XYZ because my father told me XYZ was good. After I drunk it, I found it was very strong. I couldn't drink all of it. There were some dishes, I wanted to eat something, since there were too many people around the dishes, I was not able to eat all the dishes.

After the cocktail party, we went to the bar. My father's friend runs that bar. We drunk again and sang the songs. My father and I went back to my house by taxi. After I arrived at my house, I threw up. I have never thrown up by drinking, so I was surprised. However, the cocktail party was good experience for me.


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