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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Drinking Party For Chris

On November 8th, we had the drinking party for Chris. He is the ex-exchange student of my university. He has been to Japan for a year, and after that he has gone back to America. In Montana, he became a teacher.

This time he stayed in Kumamoto for a week. So, we had the drinking party for him. I was so glad that he came to Kumamoto again. After staying Kumamoto, he will go to Nagoya for the job training. After that, he will come to Kumamoto to work.

We really had good time drinking with him. After this drinking party, we went to the Karaoke which Chris loves. He can sing very well. He can also sing Japanese song!! After Karaoke, we ate Ramen. For the first time I ate Ramen after the drinking party.

Today was the great day. We enjoyed talking with Chris.


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